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Welcome to ElvirasCostume.com! You’ll find all you want to know about how to be Elvira Mistress of the Dark here, from dress up to the Elvira Attitude so you can really become Elvira this Halloween or any time you’re in the mood.

  • The makeup tutorial page will tell you what you need to know about Elvira’s costume makeup.
  • The Classic Elvira’s Costume page will direct you in your selections.
  • The Make Your Bust Look Bigger page…well, guess that’s obvious.
  • A Wig for costumes that don’t supply one and a Wig Cap to keep your own hair in place can be found on the Elvira’s Costume Accessories page, along with Black Fingernails and Eyelashes and the official Elvira rectangular Blood-Red  “Ruby” Ring she wears on her right index finger.

By absorbing the information on these pages, you can steep yourself in the ultra-funky, cornball, valley-girl-Goth-Queen persona that is  Elvira. And find the highest quality, lowest priced, fun Elvira costumes for Halloween or anytime.

Being Queen for a Day is one thing, but being The Queen of Halloween Night in Elvira’s Costume is quite another thrill….


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Elvira Grand Heritage Collection
Elvira’s Adult Costume (top of the line – wig included)

Those screams are for you, Darling! Hauntingly beautiful and voluptuous…
You, as Elvira, will charm and amuse your “victims” without lifting a finger. They will beg for mercy and uncontrollably bend to your every desire. You have become the dark star on the Halloween runway in your ultimately sexy, and oh so comfortable, Elvira’s costume!

Your ensemble includes Elvira’s famous black dress, elegantly but ghoulishly detailed and stylishly tattered with hole-ridden fringe trimming the sleeves and foot of the gown. The gold-toned scabbard buckle on your satiny belt sheaths your dagger. And last but not least, your amazing spider bouffant wig completes your transformation to our dearest Mistress of the Dark!

Customer reviews for this outfit have all been five-star, every one of them. Comments include: Amazing quality… fits like a glove…fun, fun, fun…I received more compliments than I could imagine…true to size…looks exactly like the picture…wig was fantastic, very light and comfortable…soft and easy to work with…shipping was quick and right to my door…I was truly Elvira-Mistress of the Dark for the evening!!! …GREAT COSTUME!…fits like a second skin…awesome…the wig is the bomb…

This officially licensed Elvira ® Mistress of the Dark ™ costume is available in Adult sizes: X-Small, Small, and Medium. Dress, wig, belt and dagger are all included. But you are on your own for your shoe selection, makeup and stockings. Fabric is 100% Polyester. Hand Wash in Cold Water. No Bleach. Line Dry. No Iron.

Elvira Adult Costume


Elvira’s Adult Costume (budget)

This costume is more for a budget Elvira flight of fantasy. It’s a “four star” costume which means it’s a great design, but doesn’t have the quality the above  costume does. The material lacks the give, the hold you in, seductive second skin look and feel on your body. It is more of what you would expect in an inexpensive costume fabric. It has a Velcro back closure rather than a zipper and comes in only an Adult Size Standard.

Considering you also have to purchase a wig to complete the look…well, my money’s on the first costume. The price difference for the quality is not that much really. And next year you can reuse the costume as a vampire or Goth ghoul to really stretch that dollar and get your money’s worth.

Still… if you’re squeezing those pennies… Both are great costumes. This costume will be good next year too. The above Heritage Collection outift is almost 90% like the real Elvira’s costume according to someone who actually knows Elvira (read our Classic Elvira page for the tidbit). You be the judge. You know what you are after.

It certainly worked for one excited customer who says:
I purchased this dress when I was a poor…college student, and I can’t count how many times I have worn it for SO many DIFFERENT costumes! Really, for a cheap dress, its gets a lot of use and doesn’t look bad. Keep in mind it’s the typical cheap Halloween costume material, but an expensive costume may cut down on your fun factor because you have to worry about not ruining it…It hugs your curves too! I’ve worn it as Elvira, a devil, a vampire, a zombie… I really enjoy it! It’s not as long as its pictured though. It was long on me but I’m 5’2… taller ladies won’t achieve the same look that is pictured.

This costume is an officially licensed Elvira ® Mistress of the Dark ™ costume. As mentioned, it is available in Adult Size Standard and includes: Dress, belt and dagger. Like the costume above, it’s 100% polyester. Hand washable in cold water. Avoid Bleach. Line Dry. No Ironing.

Sexy Elvira Adult Costume

Sexy Elvira’s Adult Costume
(mid-price, high quality, no wig)

I’ll let Customer opinions speak to this costume. They report:
…extremely well-made… thick and durable, almost like a neoprene fabric… LOVED THIS COSTUME I WAS SURPRISED IT DIDN’T COST MORE… I ALSO GOT THE DELUXE WIG AND WAS VERY HAPPY WITH IT… SO impressed with the thickness of fabric and good quality…. I’m 5’6″ tall and weigh 127. I usually wear a size 6. I ordered a small and it fits perfectly… one of the best costumes that I have ever bought… looks so sexy and I got many compliments all night… This costume is perfect… I would recommend this costume to anyone…If you have any doubts on purchasing this costume, just buy it…This is a very high quality costume at a super bargain price… A great length I’m 5’8 and it touches the floor even when wearing heels about 2 inches high… no cheap reproduction…. The snap close built-in panties keep the dress from “walking” up your waist… form fitting but not so tight that it makes you uncomfortable…with the full length back zipper you don’t have to wiggle into it… took 3 days to reach me and I live in the United Kingdom..If you are looking for a great sexy Halloween costume without looking sleezy…. this is it. You just can’t get any sexier than showing just enough to keep them looking and guessing all night long. Warning: you may wish to carry a color co-ordinated towel to wipe off the drool!!!!

The only negative comments were …belt isn’t super-high quality material, being a leather-look type of fabric, and connects with Velcro…

This costume also earns five customer stars. It is available in Adult sizes: X-Small, Small, and Medium and includes dress, belt and dagger Remember, you still have to purchase a wig. This is another 100% poly, cold-water hand washable, no bleaching or ironing, line dry fabric.

And now for a little “Let’s Get Into Character” inspiration for Elvira’s Costume!

Elvira in Las Vegas!

Elvira’s Costume is so important to showcase Elvira. But her attitude is really what carries off the entire act. This video will show you the real deal Elvira – gutsy, fun-loving, a lady who loves who she is, and a what-the-heck kind a’ gal.



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